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Enjoying life in the departure lounge

Author: David Winter
Published By: BRF
Pages: 128
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 978 0 85746 057 8

Reviewed by Ursula Franklin.

David Winter, himself an octogenarian, has managed to capture a real picture of ageing, with its strengths and weaknesses. His attractive style and gentle wit makes a light and useful commentary on the challenge of ageing. I enjoyed it immensely and it will nudge me as I reach further milestones.

His group of companions come from a well read and well taught background. Each chapter begins with a biblical quotation, and wisdom and teachings points arise and relate to our world. Our humanity is evident and the problems are dealt with understanding and helpfulness. With reference to encounters with John Mark and Timothy, he writes of the value of friendship across the generations, and in doing so reminds us that we are not always ‘right’. He also speaks of the value of development and maturity which sometimes come with old age.

In commenting on life’s last ‘terminus’ or ‘junction’, he suggests that it should be met in the same way that we plan for love and marriage or for retirement; as it is people tend not to face dying in the same way. Death, he maintains, is not so much a taboo, as private. He writes with conviction on the implications of 1 Corinthians 15. I liked his emphasis on friendship as an essential ingredient as we live our last days.

This is a challenging and helpful book.

Ursula Franklin

Pastoral deacon: Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford

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