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Surviving Middle School

Author: Sharon Witt
Published By: Authentic (Milton Keynes)
Pages: 140
Price: $9.99
ISBN: 978 1 78078 108 2

Reviewed by Matt Rowe.

This book falls foul of the English education system. There are very few schools and areas that have a Junior, Middle and High School system in operation in this country and therefore this book struggles to be relevant in the UK today. I assume that the target audience for this book is the British equivalent of years 10-13 (GCSE and A-levels). Certainly in my experience, I wasn’t so interested in surviving school at this age, rather I was already well into the thick of it and had worked out the pattern of school life for myself. Therefore I would not give this book to any young people of this age range simply because it isn’t necessary in our context.

I also have another issue with this book. Whereas the book, Surviving High School, which is in the same series, was a helpful tool to understanding the pressures of change not only academically but also socially, physically and emotionally, I didn’t find this book anywhere near as helpful. Rather it appeared to me to be an academic self-help book. This is not in itself a bad thing but it is not a resource that I would have an interest in as a minister. I found very few references to scripture or even the Christian faith which I felt could have been included even if not relied upon realising that young people in churches of this age are not necessarily interested in the Christian faith.

Matt Rowe

Intern at Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford

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