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Darwin's Nemesis

Author: William A Dembski (Editor)
Published By: IVP (Leicester)
Pages: 357
Price: £14.99
ISBN: 1 84474 128 1

Reviewed by Colin Selby.

This volume is a celebration of the work of Phillip Johnson in his leadership of the Intelligent Design (ID) movement following the publication of his book Darwin on Trial. This new offering is a symposium including papers on a wide range of topics and written by academics in science, philosophy and theology who are supporters of the ID movement.

The overall message of the book is the need to re-examine the evidence for the acceptance of evolution as the only possible explanation of life on this planet. Not for the first time we are being encouraged to look at the basis of belief in a creator as opposed to the denial of the existence of a God by atheists.

The title of this volume is misleading. It is not Darwin who is attacked, but the later thinking built on his early observations of living things and his suggested explanations for the causes of this variety of life. However, we have here a useful collection of essays that set out some of the main issues in the debate. Some of the chapters require considerable background in science and philosophy, but they will repay careful reading by anyone involved in teaching adults and perhaps particularly younger people.

Colin Selby

Formerly a lay member of the Research Ethics Committee at a Chelmsford Hospital

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